Meet Our Team


Heavy Object Lifter, Tech Guy, Fixer of all Equipment. He makes sure things run smoothly because he doesn't want to hear me complain and stomp my feet.


Artist and Multitasker. I also do all the complaining and stomping when things aren't working properly.


Ben-E is into 80's Rock Band music and T-Shirts, he wears Aloha Shirts for his daytime job that is a mystery to us all, and loves spreading his Aloha Spirit with a Shaka.


Bon-E is a Fashionista, she loves dressing up for any and every occassion especially Cosplay, and forces Ben-E to coordinate with her. Her favorite saying is, "Shopping is Life!"


Leader of the Pooch Posse and the oldest so what she says goes according to her.


Member of the Pooch Posse and one half of a Heroic Duo that swears that Thor is his long lost brother.


Youngest of the Pooch Posse and other half of the Heroic Duo, all he cares about is getting scratchies from his humans and sleeping all day.


Doesn't talk much, just likes to stare at humans and poop in their shoes.


The only one in the Posse that loves to wear outfits. He's also the most high maintenance of them all, he demands the best food, treats, shampoo and sleeping quarters.


Ozzy is afraid of everything, his nickname is panty princess but he doesn't know it. He likes to hide in paper bags because he's invisible in there so he thinks.


Maya has only one expression and it looks exactly like her photo. She loves to eat, end of story.


Pepper is a roly-poly bundle of happiness. She is searching for her long lost sibling named Shio. Her favorite snack is Bamboo and Boba.

Princess Aurora

She loves sparkles, rainbows and everything cotton candy poop related. Her favorite tv show is My Little Pony.


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